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Welcome Form​



Please complete all questionnaire of 4 documents to save your time of your first visit with us.  All the form must be print, fill out and bring with you on your schedule appointment.

We are looking forward to meet you.

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New Patient Forms



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     We look forward to meeting you and your children during his/her first visit to Dentistry for KiDDS. Our friendly staffs will help you become acquainted with our office and we promise to give your child the personal attention they deserve. At Dentistry for KiDDS, we know that your time is valuable and want to make sure that your visit with us is efficient. In order to help shorten the amount of time you will spend in our office, we have posted our new patient forms for you here. 

   Please complete the new patient questionnaire enabling our staff to prepare for your visit and make your check-in quicker and easier. Our questionnaire consists of 4 documents. This process may take 10-15 minutes. Please note that certain fields, marked by asterisks *, must be completed. When you have completed documents, please review your entry and bring with you on your child schedule appointment.